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Pediatric NDT & SI Clinic

The Annex

This center offers multi-disciplinary services for children facing neuro-developmental conditions, sensory processing conditions, mental health conditions, and those that fall within the autistic spectrum. Our team is comprised of a Naturopathic Physician, a Physical Therapist, a Speech Therapist, and a few Occupational Therapists. Located on a farm, this clinic provides a variety of unique therapies, including equine therapy, play therapy, and hydrotherapy. 


The Annex is a separate location from the main office, designed to offer handicap accessibility, and is located directly across the street. For administrative needs please refer to the Main Office. For more information about this clinic, click here.

(North Bellingham)

335 W. King Tut Road

Bellingham, WA 


P/F (360) 398-2772

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